Stunning scenic views "Ninety nine Islands"


Kujukushima “Ninety nine Islands”

Saikai National Park, which includes Kujukushima, was designated m 1955 as Japars eighteenth national park. 208 islands mostly unpopulated, are said to become the island chain the most highly concentrated in Japan. With mild seasons, the magnificence of these green islands and blue seas can be enjoyed year-round


Enjoy the seas of Kujukushima (Ninety-Nine Islands or Kujuku Islands) from various angles with a rich array of cruising options at Kujukushima Pearl Sea Resort. Our gleamy white sailboat-style sightseeing ship, Pearl Queen, dances across the waves. Join a quiet “Relaxing Cruise” with a small excursion boat, or take a yacht or sea kayak. At the “Umi Kirara” Kujukushima Aquarium, living aquatic species in Kujukushima swim in
“Kujukushima Bay Large Aquarium” an open-air cistern, rarely seen in Japan, as well as in “Jellyfish Symphony Dome” producing healing space


Nagasaki Wagyu
The tender, juicy and mouthwatering Nagasaki Wagyu won first place in Japan in the 1oth National Competitive Exhibition of Wagyu in 2012. Starting with the Admiral’s Steak burger, in Sasebo, visitors can relish the original Grade A gourmet of all the stores that uses “Nagasaki Wagyu ”

Huis Ten Bosch

The theme park Huis Ten Bosch recreates a European city of the Middle Ages. Seasonal flowers bloom all around the park, through which flows a canal. There you can enjoy a pleasant cruise. The Hotels, amusement facilities and a museum will make you feel like on a trip to real Europe.
In addition, there are plenty of activities to take part in, including Segway and horse-drawn carriage tours. You can enjoy every moment of your visit with a wide variety of entertainments, as well as new events to discover and new surprises to be thrilled by, whenever you visit

Huis Ten Bosch Web Site

A guide of SASEBO (Japanese)
99 islands “Kujukushima” (English)
A guide of SASEBO (PDF)

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