Ukai and Nagara River

Ukai -cormorant fishing on the pristine Nagara river – is one of the most summer sights of Gifu City. Cormorant fishing on the Nagara River is held every night during the season from May 11 through October 15, with the exception of the harvest moon period, when river water levels are swollen.


Mt. Kinka is located in the center of Gifu City and its height is 329 meters. It was called Mt. Inaba in past times. As Gifu Castle dominates its top, this mountain was the scene of frequent military action during Japan’s Sengoku or “Warring States” period.

Hida Beef

What is Hida Beef?

Meat with a fine, tender fiber beautifully marbled to melt in the mouth for a rich aroma and taste.
Raised in the rich nature of Gifu Prefecture, touted for its scenic beauty, Hida beef is created at the hands of discerning beef producers with superior techniques and concern for customer safety and assurance who invest the time required to make superior quality meat.
Please have a look at the definitions, history, and production area of Hida beef.

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