Aomori is the northernmost prefecture on the main island of Japan and is blessed with both diverse culture and magnificent nature, including the UNESCO World Heritage Site Shirakami Sanchi, the well-known annual festivals such as “Aomori Nebuta Festival”, the famous cherry blossom viewing spot Hirosaki Park, and other beautiful natural areas such as Lake Towada, and the Hakkoda Mountains.

Spring in Full Bloom

Hirosaki Park (Hirosaki City)
Cherry blossoms will be the most beautiful scenery from late April to early May, and Hirosaki Park is one of Japan’s three major cherry viewing sites. Hanaikada in Hirosaki Park, known as the best cherry blossom site in Japan, is introduced as “The most breathtaking site in the world. Go to see it before die!” (Facebook).

Ashino Park (Goshogawara City)

Ashino Park was loved by the famous writer, Dazai Osamu. The train named Hashire Merosugo operated by Tsugaru Railway will run under a tunnel of cherry blossoms offers the best chance for snapshot. Ashino Park (Ashinokoen) is a natural park in Aomori Prefecture with lots to do and see any time of year, but it really comes to life in spring when the park’s many cherry blossom trees bloom. All around the park, these flowering trees bring people for picnics, festival food, and much more. The adjacent train station is a great sight for train lovers, especially during this incredible season. The deep orange of the Tsugaru Line train makes for a great combination with the spring colors, and is an easy way to visit other parts of the area as well!

Azalea Festival at Tenno Shrine (Shichinohe Town)

From early to mid-May, approximately 500 azaleas bloom in the yards of Tenno Shrine, mesmerizing all who come here for sightseeing.

Refreshing Summer

Lake Juniko (Fukaura Town). Juniko is the general term for a group of 33 lakes and marshes. Of these, Aoike, with the color of blue ink, is a popular mystical spot.

Tanesashi Coast (Hachinohe City)

The Tanesashi Coast, which was designated as part of the Sanriku Fukko National Park, is covered with natural grass extends to water’s edge. The changeful and diverse shoreline flavors the unique charm of coast.

Aomori Nebuta Festival(Aomori city)

A Japanese fire festival with 20 Nebuta floats approximately 5 meters tall and weighing about 4 tons parade down the street accompanied by Haneto dancers. During the parade, flutes, drums and handheld gongs rhythmically harmonize to liven up the festival

Gorgeous Autumn

Oirase Gorge (Towada City). A scenic spot covering approximately 14 kilometers from Nenokuchi, Lake Towada to Mt. Yakeyama with an expanse of large and small waterfalls and picturesque scenery.

Nakano Momiji Mountain (Kuroishi City)

Approximately 100 varieties of maple saplings were brought from Kyoto and replanted on Nakano mountain, making Nakano a famous spot to enjoy the sight of autumnal mountains covered with red leaves. The mountain will be lightened up with various lanterns during red leaves season to create mystical atmosphere decorated with dynamic waterfalls and streams.

Fruitful apple trees and Mt. Iwaki (Tsugaru Region)

Apple trees with lovely flowers blossoming in spring will be overburdened with apples in autumn. Enjoy the beautiful pastoral scene of apple orchard and the red colored Mt. Iwaki add unique flavor of the apples.

Solemnity of Winter

Frost-covered Trees in Hakkoda (Aomori City)
Many Japanese firs grown on Mt. Hakkoda are called “Ice Monster”, because they are wrapped by frost snow and shaped into huge breathtaking forms. In Hakkoda’s winter, you can close the appreciation of the spectacle of frost-covered trees by backcountry skiing or snow shoeing.

Lake Towada Winter Story (Towada City)

The shore of Lake Towada will be lit up by different lights and decorated by setting huge fireworks. Enjoy the illuminated and mystical winter.

Kandachime Horses (Higashidori Village)

Kandachime are farming horses grazed throughout the year in the area around Shiriyazaki, Higashidori Village. You can feel the vitality of horses enduring the severe winter and waiting for the arrival of spring.

In Aomori, where rich nature and culture as one, there are many appealing sightseeing spots.Come and see the unique and enchanting sites in Aomori.

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