【Photo house MATSUKI】鹿児島市/鹿児島 KAGOSHIMA


Kagoshima prefecture located in the southern part of Kyushu,
It is surrounded by majestic nature blessed with a mild climate,
You can enjoy the seasonal scenery and flowers.
It became the cornerstone of contemporary Japan with a rich food culture and history, etc. There are lots of various charm.

Among them, sand pear hot springs “Sunamushi” and hot springs full of personality,
It is one of the attractions that represent Kagoshima.
After taking a photo wedding,Taste and enjoyed delicious food.
Why do not you try to heal tiredness at the hot springs?

Pre-Wedding “KIMONO STYLE” Package


  • 1 KIMONO Outfit for Bride & Groom
  • Hairstyles and Make-up
  • Set of Kimono Accessories
  • Kimono Fitting for Bride & Groom
  • 1 Outdoor Locations
  • Digital Photo Data (Jpeg)/Over 100 images
JP¥98,000 w/tax
  • On Saturday, Sunday and Holiday, +JP¥20,000 w/tax
  • Over time after 18:00, will be charged additional fee
  • Add one more KIMONO, +JP¥30,000 w/tax

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